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Activity Based Classess

The main goals for our classes are to be fun and entertaining. Small group classes are tremendously helpful to many children and adolescents. It helps them acclimate to new people and puts them at ease so they can participation in a meaningful way. Our groups are ongoing and praised by the participants and their parents. We constantly monitor quality control and make any adjustments or necessary accommodations so our student’s are comfortable.

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Although there are many benefits of our classes, feedback from parents list these as their favorites: My child is trying new things. Our son looks forward to coming. He can’t wait to see what new activity he will be doing. My child has more confidence and makes friends more easily.

Gaining confidence in the Social Arena Some of us have challenges interacting with others. We may be shy, nervous, or feel isolated. The social world is very complex. There are many “rules” and sometimes people use phrases that actually mean different things. The bottom line is each of us has been taught proper social etiquette during our upbringing. In today’s fast paced society, opportunities to socialize have diminished with the increase in two wage earner families, technological advances and geographical boundaries. A generation ago, kids gathered and played in the community. Today we have to be mindful to schedule social outings. How many children spend much of their time on ipads, video games and sole activities rather than meeting their friends. To achieve independence and be successful as an adult, one must become confident and be able to navigate the social arena. When measuring success in society it is important to consider 3 components of the social world: Social cognition refers to how children think or view the social world around them. Social skills refer to how children interact with each other in the social world. Social competence refers to the child’s rate of success when interacting with others. Our activity based classes naturally touch upon these components. Our classes are on-going.


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